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November 11, 2019 1 Comment

As she stunned the crowd when she first showed her late flips to the world during Womens Street League Skateboarding, Margielyn Didal, a Filipino Skateboarding pride  stepped up her flatground skills and advanced to the next round of the recent Womens Battle  at The Berrics.
Her next challenge now is to do her #DreamTrick but not just on flatground but rather on a ledge at The Berrics.

Watch how Margie Didal conquered this NBD #Dreamtrick.

BS 50-50 BS 180 Late Heelflip out

A truly amazing and one of a kind girl skateboarder living the Geek Life.


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#geekskateboarding #geekskateshop #geeksb

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November 12, 2019

Sicky tricky Margie!!

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