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November 01, 2019 1 Comment

Empowering the Lives of Youth Through Skateboarding

As he enjoys his vacation from United States back to the Philippines, he has no idea that his big brother Jean Paul Camaclang, Friends and Family organised a skate clinic and feeding program to surprise him.

In cooperation with Chowkiko, Backyard Skatepark, Skate Life PH, Collide Skateboards, Friends, Family and everyone that are involve, they make it happen. They educate the children how to ride a Skateboard, taught together with the braveness, hope, happiness, positivity, and the life lessons that it brings.

While this video and interview speaks for itself, this is just a fraction of everything about how Kiko started to ride a Skateboard and just a glimpse of how he moved around, become a very talented skater and not to mention how he won his battle with Cancer. #F*ckCancer.

He chooses to keep positive while he continuously live and love his Skate Life.

You can see that he was very speechless with this interview, but here are some lines that he mentioned:
"I started skating when I was in High School...
Everybody was doing the same thing... dancing, break dancing and stuff and Bboy."

“I have no idea that there is gonna be a skate clinic for me… I have never pictured myself doing that kind of things”

“I’d really like to contribute to the Skateboarding Community.”

"Skateboarding will always be Skateboarding… it’s all for you!
Skate for fun!”

-Kiko Camaclang

Kudos to everyone that makes all of this possible!

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1 Response

Rechele Alvarez
Rechele Alvarez

November 02, 2019

Keep up the positive vibes going! You are an inspiration to many. May god bless you always. Geek rollin’

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