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About Us

The Compound DIY
Batangas, Philippines 

Here is where your support goes when you buy anything from our website. 
The Compound DIY is the mission for Geek Skateboarding.
Built on October 2017 from the blood, sweat, and tears of Geeks with the help of some good friends and family for the love and passion for Skateboarding.
This place serves as a home for some Happy Geeky Souls that seeks continuous love and support of every like-minded individual all over the world.
As you can see that we still have lots of space here at The Compound DIY, we wanted to pour more concrete and build more of what makes us happy and proud.
We love to see your support for us, we thank you for being part of Geek SB.
Be proud that you are a Geek who helps us make the future of The Compound DIY much brighter for the next generation of Geeks to come!
To a very blessed and generous people like you who wants to extend and share your blessings to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We appreciate and thank your generousness.
Geek You!!!


For Donations /Proposals/ Sponsorships/ Projects
Kindly e-mail us at




Built by dreams and passion to live and love our skate life.
An international brand realised in FFM Germany on December 2018 by Geek Skate Shop that was established in The Philippines since 2011, inspired by Geeks and Skateboarding, offering skateboards and streetwears to everyone who live and share the same passion.

Geek Skateboarding is a way of living our life.

We live and love our life's journey to inspire every like-minded individual
who has the same passion in life.

Stay a Geek and do not stop to learn and explore.

Go Live & Love your Skatelife!